Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The AMWA Journal Blog is part of an overall effort to enhance the interactivity of the AMWA Journal, the premiere peer-review journal for medical communicators. As with most professional journals, the AMWA Journal has long held an online presence, with posting of its issues on the AMWA Web site.

Our goal now is to enhance that online presence by offering online exclusive content and facilitating access to related material. For example, in the most recent issue (June 2010), an online exclusive Practical Matters article provides practical support to a more theory-based article on effective slide design. Together, the articles offer a comprehensive learning experience that can help medical communicators develop more effective slide presentations. (Just in time to help workshop leaders [myself included] to develop more engaging presentations for the 2010 Annual Conference!)

Another article in the June issue, “From Bench to Bedside to Breakfast News—Eliminating Roadblocks on the Continuum of Medical Communication,” was specially formatted with embedded links for easier access to references within the text. '

Perhaps the most exciting feature in the June issue are links from many articles that lead readers to the 2010 annual conference section, where they can learn about conference sessions on related topics.

The Journal now also features a new section, Social Media, designed to keep readers current with the evolving use of social networking tools. The June issue provides information on who to follow on Twitter and what blogs to read. The Journal Blog will include a running list of blogs listed in the Journal (see My Blog List). The Journal list is compiled by Debra Gordon, a master blogger! If there are blogs you can’t live without, send information on them to either me or Debra, and we’ll share them with your colleagues here and/or in the Journal.

As Editor of the AMWA Journal, my goal is to bring AMWA members and other subscribers information that helps them enhance the knowledge and skills they need to be better medical communicators. Your participation in the Journal Blog’s surveys will help me develop Journal contents that meet your continuing needs. I encourage you to take just a few seconds to answer these one-question surveys.

I encourage you to check in on the Journal Blog; entries are scheduled for at least twice a month. I hope you’ll use the Journal Blog to comment on Journal contents and engage in discussions with your AMWA colleagues.


  1. Congratulations on the debut of the AMWA Journal Blog! It will certainly be a great way to receive information between journals. Another networking tool in our Social Media section is our LinkedIn Group where discussions among our members keep ideas and advice flowing. Check it out at: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=55526.

  2. Thanks for starting the blog, Lori. It is an outstanding service to AMWA members. What a great way to keep us informed about current and upcoming issues of the AMWA Journal. As you pointed out, the June issue is "packed full" of good information and there's much more to come in the September issue. Freelances will want to be sure to check out the Freelance Forum about the ideal background for becoming a freelance medical communicator. It's one of the most informative we've done in a long time.